Starbucks in your kitchen or office introducing the Starbucks Verismo

by TheGroundBean on September 29, 2012

It seems like everyone wants to make a new counter top 1 cup coffee machine. It seems to be the in thing in home brewed coffee. Well the leader themselves Starbucks wants a piece of the pie as well and they introduce the Verismo.

From the Starbucks site:

The Verismo™ 580 Brewer – Our lattes. Our espresso. Our brewed coffee. Your home. Impossible until now.

This single-cup brewing system lets you use specially packaged pods to recreate the Starbucks recipes we use every day in our coffeehouses. With its 1-liter water tank and storage for up to 10 used pods, it’s easy to make plenty of your favorite drinks at home. Enjoy everything from caffè lattes and espresso to brewed coffee. You can also use our all natural milk pods for a rich, creamy hot cup of steamed milk.

With your Verismo™ machine purchase, we’ll include an 8-serving box of Verismo™ Caffè Latte Pods to get you started.

High-pressure brewing system heats up and is ready to make Starbucks-quality beverages in less than 15 seconds.

Variable temperature system allows for optimum coffee extraction and milk steaming.

Integrated rinse function helps keep machine clean.

Height-adjustable drip tray accommodates different sized cups.

Auto-off activates after 5 minutes to save energy.

Easily removable water tank makes refilling simple.

Built-in used pod removal automatically moves up to 10 pods to storage for easy cleanup.

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