Quite Possibly The Best Home Espresso Machine The Nespresso Pixie

by TheGroundBean on April 11, 2012

Nespresso Pixie

nespresso_ritual_collectionIt seems that today there is a new machine on the market every week that makes a great fresh cup of coffee or espresso. From the Tassimo to the Keurig, these counter top warriors have been the rulers of coffee for a while now. But they just don’t seem to make a good cup of espresso. The Tassimo does make a better espresso than the Keurig.

In search of the perfect cup of espresso I came across the Nespresso Pixie at a specialty kitchen store. At first glance the attractive modern look of the machine draws you in, it’s not your typical boring looking espresso machine, but at $250 it better not be.  The sales persons claims of the Nespresso machine definitely got my attention. “The Best Espresso Ever”.

The Nespresso experience is a bit different than the Keurig or Tassimo, first off they don’t sell them at the big box retailers. The Nespresso machines are sold at specialty retailers and you are introduced to the different coffee’s via taste test. Upon purchasing the machine you are signed up for club Nespresso which is really nothing more than a keychain with their logo and a number so you can purchase the disks online. And online is really the only place you can easily get them.

Bottom line is the espresso is the best you will ever have from a home espresso machine and at .65 per cup it’s cheaper than an espresso at a coffee shop at the same quality level.


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