Pilon, The Perfect Home Espresso Roast

by TheGroundBean on May 21, 2012



Living in Miami it’s hard not to find a good cup of espresso on just about every corner.  But getting one at home is another story. With so many different espresso roasts available on the supermarket shelves it’s often confusing to try and find the right coffee for that perfect cup of espresso. I’ve been through them all and finally found the perfect coffee. Pilon, this is the absolute perfect espresso roast I have had to date and is also often used in many of the cuban cafes around Miami.

Pilon has a strong yet smooth flavor that keeps you always asking for a second cup. What I love about Pilon is you don’t get that strong after taste some espresso roasts leave in your mouth. Pilon; a great coffee valued priced so anyone can enjoy it.

Pilon Espresso Roast a 5 Bean Review.

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