Marley Coffee Simmer Down, A Bangin’ Cup Of Decaf

by TheGroundBean on May 14, 2012

I’m not a decaf drinker and it’s not because I drink coffee to wake me up in the morning. I drink coffee for the taste, much like a wine drinker enjoys the taste on their palate. There is nothing I enjoy more that a freshly brewed cup of good coffee. It’s also the reason I just can’t understand why people drink coffee from a gas station or a 7-11. It’s like they are drinking coffee for the wrong reasons. With that said, I’m never really effected by caffeine. So I can drink coffee at 10 at night and still fall asleep. So I never saw the need to drink Decaf.

Decaf, it’s like something is missing…right?

MARLEYSIMMERDOWNDECAFWhile visiting a friend a week or so ago, after dinner the offer for coffee came up and everybody requested decaf. I just could not make them make a separate pot for me so I opted for the decaf as well. I was surprised to see my friend pull out a bag of Marley Coffee, a company I heard about just a few weeks ago when I posted a press release from them here on I was pretty excited to try this fresh brew, but then I thought, oh bummer it’s decaf.

But then the brewing started, and the kitchen filled with this wonderful aroma, much like your corner Starbucks at 7Am. God what a wonderful smell this Marley coffee was giving off, I could not wait to have it pass over my lips.

Finally the coffee was delivered and disappoint it did not, decaf! This is decaf? What a wonderful smooth taste this Marley Simmer Down coffee delivered. The taste was wonderful with a little kick but no bitterness of after taste at all. Everyone in the room was commenting on this wonderful brew and I could not wait for a second cup.

Marley Coffee Simmer Down, Decaf is a wonderful cup of coffee and the reason we are now starting to do coffee taste tests here on the because when you find a cup of coffee as wonderful as this you just want to share it with the world. And for that reason we are awarding it with our BEST 5 bean rating.

Another thing people will like about this coffee is it is certified organic displaying the USDA certified seal.

You can find this brand of Marley coffee at their website 

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