Healthy Coffee, Mmmmmm Good.

by TheGroundBean on April 23, 2012

Applied Food Sciences, Inc. Announces Grant for European Patent on HealthyRoast® Technology for Roasting Healthy Coffee

Healthy CoffeeApplied Food Sciences, Inc. (AFS) announces the recent grant of European Patent Number 1355536 (A method for enhancing post-processing content of beneficial compounds in beverages naturally containing same) by the European Patent Office (EPO). AFS and its licensees have utilized a similar form of the technology in the United States for a few years now under the tradename HealthyRoast®. This new grant allows AFS to now bring its proprietary roast technology to European coffee roasters. For many epicureans, there’s nothing like a strong cup of steaming, full-bodied coffee to start the day or to finish a fine meal, but even the gourmands of today desire healthy options. Unroasted (green) coffee beans contain a valuable source of beneficial antioxidants called polyphenols. Unfortunately, to make coffee, green beans must be roasted at high temperatures which destroy most of these soluble polyphenols. “The HealthyRoast technology preserves these naturally occurring antioxidants, yet does not affect the final rich taste or aroma of premium gourmet coffee obtained during traditional roasting”, says Jackson Zapp VP of marketing for AFS.

HealthyRoast® is currently available for licensing and is already generating interest from European coffee companies. The technology is not difficult to integrate into an existing roasting operation and has a low capital expenditure requirement. It has the ability to increase the overall functional / nutritional beverage offerings within a company’s health and wellness platform. HealthyRoast® can provide other key benefits to finished beverages (not only coffee) along with increased polyphenol content. For more information about licensing the HealthyRoast® technology contact AFS at 1-800-345-9666 or email Chris Fields cfields(at)appliedfoods(dot)com.

Applied Food Sciences, Inc. is an Austin, TX based food science company that specializes in functional ingredients that include Calcium D-Glucarate and GCA® green coffee extract. They also roast a organic coffee called Caffe Sanora utilizing the HealthyRoast® technology.

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