Coffee Shops Looking For A New Website Design Should Look To WordPress

by TheGroundBean on April 10, 2012

Coffee Lounge WordPress Theme

Coffee Lounge – a new premium theme by ThemeFuse (one of the leading WordPress theme stores) – lets anyone who owns a coffee shop, bar or bistro to showcase their offerings in an intriguing and inviting way.

ThemeFuse – leading provider of premium WordPress themes has launched a new theme – Coffee Lounge – for people who want to give their premises an internet presence that will showcase their offerings and help to bring more people through the front door.

The theme can be downloaded from ThemeFuse’s website, and then installed in less than five minutes. Coffee Lounge has been designed to work with one of the most popular website management platforms – WordPress – an open source system widely supported by every major hosting provider.

“We wanted to create something that can be used by businesses [coffee shops, bars and bistros] of any size and pursuing different goals. Our main focus for the theme is set on ease-of-use and customization. We realize that forcing customers to settle for one given solution is not an option, so instead we give them the possibility to tune their sites to the widest extent possible,” said Dimi Baitanciuc – co-founder of ThemeFuse.

ThemeFuse points out that this bar WordPress theme(Coffee Lounge) is one that does not require any web development or programming skills on the user’s part. Everything can be set and adjusted from a clear and friendly user interface.

“Having in mind that the homepage is often the most important part of most websites, at least in this niche, we’ve provided the possibility of adapting it to every customer’s requirements.” said Dimi Baitanciuc. “The homepage of every site running Coffee Lounge can be set up in five different ways to provide maximum versatility.”

The five setups that Dimi Baitanciuc mentions consist of: a full-width design, two designs with sidebars on both sides of the page, a blog page layout, and a simple contact page. Depending on the scale of one’s business different selections will prove to work best.

The theme’s design also features a full-width slider to showcase the most popular offerings or other pieces of information. The slider can be easily customized and set to display whatever the owner finds suitable.

Additionally, for customers who want to get started immediately, ThemeFuse provides a feature called “One Click Auto Install.” All the initial settings and sample data is set into the theme after a click of a button, so no customer has to spend time on entering this data by hand, like they would have in many standard WordPress themes.

On top of that, ThemeFuse went ahead to offer their users a very friendly support area along with a comprehensive online documentation.

For more information, and details on how to get and install Coffee Lounge please visit

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